Build A Brand. Become Famous.
Close High-ticket Deals. Help Clients Globally. 
Rinse and Repeat.

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Become Famous. Close High-Ticket Deals. Help Clients Globally.
Vortex is a 12-month mastermind that gives you the custom plan, virtual events, tools, community, coaching, accountability, and support necessary to achieve higher profits.

We focus on solving people's problems online with:
  • A high-end offer
  • Lean team
  • Satisfied clients
  • Inner peace

Vortex is for you if…
  • You are a coach, course creator, consultant, or a creator looking to sell info or consulting services to scale up in 2023
  • You want to create an organic content machine with video at its core
  • You wish to sell high-ticket offers and masterminds 
  • You want to sell 1:many offers to leverage your time and create more impact
  • You want to hire a lean + smart team to take over the operations 
  • You have the desire to create your own community and a loyal audience 

Vortex is NOT for you if you’re a complete beginner and haven’t sold any offers. Vortex won’t be a fit if you’re not open to feedback, not coachable, and have 0 accountability or ownership

Who it's for?

Inside Vortex Mastermind, you’ll learn HOW to…

  • Attract quality clients by building your own brand! A brand that goes viral, and makes you famous and well known! (yeah, you will not have to chase clients anymore)

  • Create and run a powerful content domination machine to generate and post engaging content on all your social media channels (in less than 30 mins) every single day 

  • Work with high-ticket clients to make more profits in less time. (Use the ‘extra time’ to think about ways to expand your business further!)

  • Run profitable virtual events to gather new leads and nurture your existing audience to convert them into loyal customers

  • Sell your high-ticket offers even before creating them! (I don’t want you to waste months creating an offer that you don't even know... will sell in the future or not..)

  • Productize your genius and scale to 1: many offers to create a greater impact, influence more people and ofc make more profits

  • Reach your business goals faster by running supplimental paid ads on top of your organic content without worrying about your ROAS

  • Set up systems and processes and hire a lean but mighty team to automate your business and profits

How it works?


6 Module program covering advanced modules on high-end offers, sales, high-end client attraction, building courses, ads and operations.

The content is advanced, crisp, and exactly what you need to get fast results. No need to watch 100-hour long courses, when you're an already busy entrepreneur. 


Weekly Q&A call on Zoom where you can ask Roota Mittal questions live. Watch a recent QA recording to see how the calls go.

What would it feel like to be supported, and have the right mentorship just a message or zoom call away?

No more wondering what strategies work, or how to get the max results for your clients, or how to charge high-end or how to scale your team & operations.


Quarterly planning sessions to audit your past quarter and plan your next. I shared my own lessons, and wins from the past quarter.

And then, we go around hotseat style to share everyone's plan and get coaching 1:1 by me.

No more succumbing to shiny object syndrome, and changing your plan everyday after checking someone else's profile on social media. We create a 90 day plan together, and you implement it with "blinders ON!"


Interact with other high-vibe members and nurture friendships/business collabs and find accountability partners.

You will find networking opportunities, feedback on your projects, friendships so you feel less alone.  

This community is the crème de la crème of the consulting and coaching world. And you're invited to join the club.

Tools and Recordings:

All calls are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them + Get access to all the systems, templates, funnels, SOP which run our million dollar business.

What members are saying...

"I wanted to scale and expand my business as a coach and wanted to sell my own coaching program. I had no idea how to do that and after joining Vortex Mastermind, I have been able to sell to spots of my first signature program, which is also a mastermind.

I have been able to sell two spots for a price that I could have never imagined. I also onboarded 2 new clients for $2000/month and $3000 for a project. Everything in Vortex is actionable and implementable and you can see the results for yourself once you start implementing." 

"I wanted to uplevel my launching skills and also to be able to close more High ticket deals for the launch services. After joining Vortex, I'm able to understand the complete process of how a successful launch can be planned and executed.

I'm so happy to share that I was able to make the whole investment back within four to five months of joining Vortex. And it has also helped me to build my confidence level. I am now able to show up on the stories and create videos with so much ease and fun. I definitely 100% recommend you to join Vortex Mastermind."

"I am a social media strategist and I want to launch my own course. My favourite part about Vortex is hands down the weekly coaching calls. We can ask anything and everything.

The weekly coaching calls will help you get unstuck when you start implementing the things that are set in the modules. So it's like the perfect combination. I have Clarity and a clear plan of action on what I need to do to launch my own offer one to many offers."

"Before joining Vortex, I already had an online course which was doing okay but I wanted to get way more sales than it was currently making and I was also very lost and overwhelmed with what steps I needed to take.

With just a slight change in my copies according to Roota’s suggestions, I was able to see 80% which is a massive jump in the number of people signing up. I'm so happy about joining Vortex and it's easily one of the best decisions I've made."

"I recently joined Vortex to level up in my freelancing game and I wanted to join a community that's hyper-focused on scaling businesses and building authentic brands not only for themselves but also their clients. I was feeling stuck.

I had a mindset block that I can’t land high-end international clients. After joining Vortex, I'm already feeling a mindset shift when it comes to believing in myself because the modules already taught me to identify my unique strengths. Greatly it helped me solve a problem with the client and it also helped me in developing a strategy when I was feeling stuck for a while."

"I joined Vortex 2 months back and I have already covered a lot of ground ever since. I learned Youtube ads and pitched it to a client and I got an opportunity to run Youtube ads for them. I don't think I would have had the confidence to ask him for such an opportunity. And I got that confidence from the Vortex Mastermind.

I know that the Vortex Community is going to help me out at any point. My revenue has really increased because I've had the confidence to take on more work. So I do close to double as much work and I had the confidence to take it up only because I know that this community is backing me."

"After joining Vortex, my life was changed completely. I started earning $3000-$4000 consistently. I wanted to set up my own agency and coaching program. Currently working on my 1:many.

And I am only implementing what works to get fast results because Roota shares the exact strategies that helped her to scale her coaching business to 10 crores. After joining Vortex, you will be able to see the difference in yourself as well as your career."

"I love the Q&A calls that happen every Thursday. There's a lot to learn from other people in the community. I always make sure to attend the Q&A calls because they are extremely valuable every piece of advice, is pure gold.

Roota recently advised me to revamp my offer as a launch strategist and I've been working on that offer to align it to what's working currently in the industry. Without Vortex, I wouldn't have thought of it. I would have still been leaning into the old stuff."

"I was only providing one service to my clients which was Facebook ad Services. Now, I'm helping clients with multiple services like launch services, funnel services and consultation, and this is all because of the Vortex Mastermind."

Vidhi recently landed an $1800 launch client.

Deepina Singh

Jyotsna Choudhary

Priyanka Saha

Samina Patel

Tanvi Nair

Karthika Sivakumar

Divya Prabhu

Preet Kaur

Vidhi Tharad

"Roota has lean and mean approach towards building a brand and I love that about her. Whatever is working for her or whatever has helped her in building a brand that she has right now, she share it all and doesn't keep anything to herself. I've been able to craft an offer which I was confused about in just 2 months with Roota's guidance and I now have massive clarity with it.

If you are serious about building a six figure online business then Roota will guide you to build one because she exactly knows how to do that."

Kritika Manshani

My company has sold over $1M worth of courses, coaching, and consulting and helped 2878 clients across 14 countries generate more than $11M in sales and counting!

I’ve gotten interviewed by Forbes International and have also won the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club award for building a million-dollar brand from scratch!

I went from working as a software engineer at a startup to being a high-end freelancer while traveling the world to running my own 7-figure business with a lean but mighty team - all in my 20s!

My teachings and work inspire 288,200+ people to own their freedom and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit every single day!

Why must you choose to work
with me?

NOW is the right time to join Vortex Mastermind because…

In the Vortex Quarterly event I’ll review your past quarter and help you create your 2023 business plan. I’ll make sure that you focus on executing everything that we discuss without any distractions or confusion!

Apply for Vortex Mastermind

We ONLY have 22 spots available for this batch and we’re giving $500 off to the members who apply and get in before 27th November!

So if you wanna learn how you can increase your prices, and launch your own high-ticket offers, or if you’re looking to hire a team, and wanna know what your 2023 marketing strategies should be…then you need to join Vortex before this event…

Let’s make 2023 your most profitable year!!!